Bed Bug Pictures.

Bed bug pictures and identification by Micropest the bed bug pest control specialists. As they say a picture can tell a thousand words in this case bed bug pictures. The following bed bug identification pictures and images will give you a better indication about bed bugs, symptoms and the bed bug pest control treatments Micropest uses.

Bed bug Pictures.

Bed bugs are nocturnal small crawling insects that feed on blood and are attracted to you by body warmth and the carbon dioxide exhaling out of your lungs. Measuring a mere 4-7mm in length, bed bugs are flat and oval, they’re also quick and agile, and can easily manoeuvre themselves into hard-to-reach places. If left alone the bed bugs will generally live within one and half meters from your head where you sleep at night but they are also very common in the couch.

bed bug pictures

This bed bug picture is a good example of where bed bugs like to live. The bed bugs are hiding under the hessian fabric that holds the timber slats together which is part of the bed frame. The black spots that you see are  blood spotting, that is regurgitated blood from the bed bugs.The oval white images are  bedbug eggs and there are a number of different sized bed bugs at different maturity’s.

Bed bug bites picture.

 Bed bug bites are very itchy and last about seven to nine days. On the  odd occasion they have left permanent scars. To relieve the discomfort of the bites I recommend Telfast ,Claratyne or Calamine lotion.



Bed bugs like to live in the seams of the mattress.

Bed bugs and regurgitated bed bug blood on a mattress.

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