Bed Bug Pest Control Sydney

My name is Gerard from Micropest bed bug pest control Sydney. I have been conducting safe and pet-friendly bed bug pest control treatments for over thirty one years. We give a twelve month written service free warranty on most of our bed bug pest control treatments.

Bed bug pest control Sydney

The last seventeen years bed bugs had become prevalent in Sydney, before this time I was lucky to see them a dozen times a year. The Sydney 2000 Olympic games were the causative factor for the increase of bed bugs in Sydney.

I guess you could class me as a bed bug pest control specialist due to the fact I’ve carried out over two thousand or so bed bug pest control treatments and still going. Now over those two thousand bed bug pest control treatments I have modified my procedures over time and I think it is as good as its going to get.

Micropest has a natural D.I.Y bed bug pest control method that has being proven to be successfully on the occasion, but unfortunately not all the time.

I will explain to you how to carry out the natural D.I.Y bed bug control treatment, how a professional conducts a bed bug pest control treatment and how to reduce the chances of getting bed bugs in the very first place.


This is a video informs you how Micropest conducts a bed bug pest control Sydney treatment.


Not everyone has an allergic reaction to bed bugs. Unfortunately, the ones that do, bed bug bites itch like hell and people tend to itch them until they bleed and sometimes they can leave scars that can last for life.


If you are allergic to bed bug bites most of my clients use Claratyne or Telfast which contains antihistamine which can is purchased over the counter at most chemist shops for ten dollars or so.


(Check with your Dr) Another bed bug bite treatment which is common but not as effective is calamine lotion, bit messy, though. All these products you can buy over the counter at any pharmacy or supermarket.



1. Bed bugs are encountered when people go away on holidays. Therefore it only stands to sense to be very aware at this time.

The first questions that I ask the reception upon arrival before I book the room has the room ever had bed bugs and can, I inspect the room first. Reception is usually quite obliging. Once in the room check for blood spotting and bed bugs on the skirting, bed-head, mattress and any furniture within 1.6 meters from the bed. If bed bugs or their spore are evident, ask for another room and check that room thoroughly as well.

2. Because bed bugs like to live approximately 1.6 meters away from your bed make sure you put your luggage in the bathroom, not in wardrobes and side tables where everyone else has stored their belongings in the past because these areas are the most likely areas for bed bugs anyway.

3. When you get home from holiday, make sure you unpack your holiday clothes outside the house and wash them and dry them on a high heat for at least for 30 minutes before you bring them into the bedroom. This may be extreme, but you would be amazingly surprised how many people do this.

4. Your luggage inspect it thoroughly, vacuum it and store it in a sealed plastic bag in the garage or any room that people do not sleep or congregate. The main reason people get bedbugs in the first place is that they store their luggage in their bedroom mainly under the bed or in the wardrobe therefore the bedbugs have got a ready food source.

5. If you have anyone come and stay with you, make sure that you put number three action into play. If I got a dollar for every bed bug control treatment that was caused by a friend or family come to stay who have introduced bedbugs into the house, I would be a very wealthy man today.


Both of my D.I.Y bed bug pest control methods have helped many a poor university student who has picked up and brought home bed bugs after a holiday spent in cheap hotels and backpacker establishments. The main reason bedbugs are spread in the very first place is that hotels and backpackers e.t.c, do not treat the bedbugs as soon as they are evident. If they had, there would be a lot fewer bedbugs in the world today.

1.) Forensically vacuum and wash bed frame and mattress.

2.) Purchase a sheet of plastic and wrap the mattress in a way the mattress is completely sealed, so bed bugs cannot get in or get out or likewise telephone Micropest and purchase a bed bug mattress protector for $95.00 (leave on for one year).

3.) Get all bedding and place in a dryer for thirty minutes on a high heat. (This will kill all the bedbugs and eggs.)

4.) Pull the bed away from the wall and wrap legs in glad-wrap or put get some duck tape and wrap it around the bed legs in a way that will make the bed legs impervious to liquid.

By this time you should comfortably be able to walk around the bed with no obstructions (bed stays away from the wall for about four months) . Place the bed legs in plastic bowls or plastic buckets of water (about four months).

This D.I.Y bed bug pest control method is successful thirty percent of the time, and if you want to relieve yourself from getting bitten by bed bugs promptly, I recommend you get Micropest to carry out a professional bed bug control treatment.

The mechanics behind this D.I.Y bed bug control method is bed bugs are vampires; they have the need to feed, and we are their food source and bait. They are attracted to our body warmth and carbon dioxide that comes out of our mouth. At night time the bed bugs are driven to insanity for the taste of a blood feast, they come out of all their little hide holes and make their way up the bed legs and drown in the bowls of water.

It is amazing if you are lucky you stop getting bitten straight away. You wake up in the morning, and you find dead bed bugs in the bowls of water under your bed legs. Success in this D.I.Y bed bug control method depends on how forensically void of bed bugs and bed bug eggs the mattress and bed frame are. To be sure to be sure it is essential to leave everything in place for at least four months, after you have stopped being eaten alive by the bed bugs.


 My second D.I.Y bed bug pest control method is a lot more successful but the most expensive solution of all. You throw away your old bed and mattress and buy a new bed and mattress, pull the bed away from the wall and place bed legs in containers of water. The same procedures as D.I.Y solution number one but you spend a lot more money to get the quicker results. This bed bug control method works fifty percent of the time.


Micropest is always modifying and improving its professional bedbug pest control methods. I can’t tell you how many times it’s changed over the years, but I can tell you that we have never failed in a bed bug pest control treatment.

Micropest is so confident in our professional bed bug pest control treatment, we on most jobs give you a twelve-month service free warranty. Not only is it very successful it is also more safe, faster control and environmentally friendly.

The following information is a brief description of the procedures and bed bug pest control treatment products Micropest uses to remove bed bugs from your home or business.

1.)  When you first realise you have bed bugs, and ring me, on the initial conversation on the telephone, I will try and ascertain whether you have bed bugs in the very first place. I will ask you questions such as have you seen the bed bugs or are you getting bitten and where. How big are the bed bug bites, how long are they itching for and have you being on holidays recently and where.

You would be surprised how many people think they have bed bugs but only to find they have , whitetail spiders , , scabies, lice or mosquitoes instead. If I can’t ascertain one hundred percent what’s biting you, I can sometimes recommend a bed bug pest inspection.

Clean and vacuum all the floors thoroughly including the mattresses, bed frames, and couches.

Take your bedding off the beds and put in the dryer for thirty minutes on a high heat.

Remove your mattress and put outside in the sun. Pull your bed at least a half a meter away from the wall and all furniture so you can comfortably walk around it.

Lastly and most importantly organise your bedroom without removing anything(removing anything from your room will spread the bed bugs exasperating the problem) so the Micropest bed bug pest control man can treat as much floor surface and skirting s as possible.

2.) Upon arrival at your house, Micropest will carry out a bed bug inspection on the entire premises searching for bed bug sign such as blood spotting, bedbugs, bedbug eggs or their casings. We will have a close look at the bed bug bites anyone has received. When we are conducting these bedbug inspections, we are concentrating on areas around the beds, bedrooms, bedroom furniture and in communal areas such as the couches in the living rooms.

3.) Inspect the mattresses and put the bed bug protectors on(bed bug mattress protectors lock bedbugs in your mattress until they die of starvation). It is not healthy and safe or legal to spray any mattress with any kind of bedbug control treatment. If you have contracted a pest control company to bed bug pest control your abode, and they want to spray your mattress, show them the door immediately. Don’t take any risks with your health for a cheap, nasty and inferior bed bug control company. My word there are many out there.

4.) Treat around all the bed legs, couch legs, strategic areas of the bed frames and skirting s with a bed bug pest control treatment called Ficam W. Its active ingredient is bendiocarb which is part of the Carbamate insecticide group and its formulation type is a wet-table powder. Ficam W is nonrepellent, excellent residual activity, registered for bed bug control, odourless and registered for indoor use and manufactured by Bayer which has an impeccable safety record. Micropest applies it very sparingly and only in limited strategic areas.

5.) Treat all other floor surfaces , couches and bed frames with a broad spectrum and low toxicity treatment called Cislin 25. Cislin 25 is an odorless, non-staining , low toxicity bed bug control treatment. Its active ingredient is deltamethrin and it is a member of the synthetic pyrethroid family with a formulation type being a suspension concentrate. This is what we use inside and out when we are contracted to carry out a general pest control treatment. We use this in hospitals, childcare centres and schools.

6.) Leave the cislin 25 to dry for two hours then put the mattress back on the bed and the bedding Now it is very important to leave the bed out from the wall until Micropest comes back for a second treatment in four weeks time. The whole idea is to draw the hiding bedbugs out from there lire to feed on you and walk across as much treated surface as possible Once they pick up the bed bug control treatment on their legs when they groom themselves they ingest the treatment orally.

7.) We get the customer to telephone Micropest three weeks after the initial bed bug pest control treatment is carried out, so we can be back to the job retreating in about four weeks. We come back in four weeks time to well and truly give the bed bug eggs enough time to hatch. Ordinarily the customer gets a few bites after the initial treatment, but unfortunately, this is not the case all the time.

Sometimes the bed bugs go into hibernation that is a fact of life with bedbugs.They can reappear eight months down the track, that’s why we give you a twelve-month guarantee. The bed bug treatments do not last this length of time, but Micropest pest goes beyond the call of duty to give customer satisfaction. The second visit from Micropest is the same procedure as the first, but we do not retreat any areas with Ficam W.

Bed Bug pest control Sydney
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