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 Contrary to popular believe bed bugs are very easy to find, but are difficult to eradicate. Nocturnal small crawling insects that feed on blood and are attracted by body warmth and the carbon dioxide exhaling out of your lungs.

Ranging in size from a one mm stage one larva to a five to six mm adult female, bed bugs are flat and oval, red brown in colour, very quick,  agile and can easily manoeuvre themselves into hard-to-reach places. Being nocturnal they are light sensitive.

Common Name:   Bed Bugs

Scientific Name:   Cimex Lectularis

Class:                     Insecta

Order:                   Hemiptera

Family:                  Cimicoidea

If left alone the bed bugs will live within one and a half meters from your head where you sleep at night, but they are also very common on the couch. Bed bugs can hibernate for up to a year without a blood feast. The female bed bug can produce several eggs on a daily basis.

bed bugs

 Most professional pest control companies don't do bed bug treatments because they are too difficult to eradicate,  let alone give you a warranty. Micropest provides a twelve month service free warranty.


Bed Bugs Sydney : what you need to know.

They may be small, but as anyone who has suffered from a bedbug infestation knows, their bite is worse than their bark. And despite a reported decline in their numbers worldwide some decades ago, bed bugs have being experiencing an unwelcome resurgence over the last seventeen years.

Unfortunately densely populated, transient tourist-friendly areas such as Sydney C.B.D, Bondi, Randwick and Coogee offer the perfect habitat for these small undesirable pests. Bed bugs are distributed around the world by hitching a ride on tourists clothing and baggage.

Bed bugs on holiday in Sydney.

Its now the May and winter is finally here and like always this time of year there is an decrease of bed bug infestations. Australians like to holiday during the winter in warm climate country's and some unfortunate folks bring back some unwanted guests in their luggage.

The biggest tell tale sign you have bed bugs is rather large bites the same size as a mosquito bites that itch like hell for seven to nine days.


How to find Bed Bugs ? Video

Micropest pest control has being servicing the people of Sydney for bed bug control for over fourteen  years and all our pest control operators have being in the pest control industry for over thirty one years. Our bed bug pest control operators are all very highly trained, fully licensed, insured and utilise safe, effective and pet friendly bed bug Sydney pest control treatments. Micropest provides a twelve month guarantee for most bed bug control treatments.


Where are bed bugs found?

Bed bugs thrive in warm temperatures, dark, sheltered locations close to their hosts. Although bed bugs tend not to live on a host, they often seek shelter close to sleeping areas.Found in or on a mattress, bedclothes, wooden bed frames, wallpapers, textiles and carpets, and in crevices or cracks in walls or floorboards. Because bedbugs are small, fast and agile, they can be easily unknowingly transported via suitcases and bags.

bed bugs hiding under the hession cloth in the bed palings.

What are the symptoms of a bed bug infestation?

Bed bugs can cause a variety of symptoms in their hosts. Although some people are unaffected, others can experience severe itching and discomfort. Bites and inflammation are an issue for some individuals, and a severe infestation can lead to painful blistering.

These bites can itch up to nine days Prophylaxis can occur in severely allergic individuals, and asthmatics may find that a bedbug infestation can trigger an attack.

bed bug bites

Dealing with bedbugs.

Because ongoing exposure to bed bugs can result in increasingly severe reactions, finding a qualified pest controller in Sydney is essential. Licensed pest controllers can identify the type and origin of infestation, and eradicate them from both visible and hidden areas using an approved bed bug treatments.

Check your hotel room for bedbugs be four you pay or stay. When in a hotel room live out of and unpack your bags in the bathroom rather than the bedroom where the bed bugs live. When you get home, remove your luggage outside and never store your luggage under the bed or in your room. Store in the garage.

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The History of Bedbugs.

Bedbugs have a long history, as far back as during Aristotle's time in Ancient Greece. Pliny of Ancient Rome also mentioned them and mentions of bed bugs also occur in 11th Century German texts, 13th Century French texts, and 16th Century English texts.

Bed bugs have being around since time began.

Bed bugs in more recent history.

However, mentions of bed bugs only became extremely widespread during the early 18th Century. During this time, bed bug problems documented by American sailors and travellers returning from Europe to North America.

Written accounts by sailors and passengers complain of the irritation caused by bed bug bites arising from infestations on sailing ships.

Bed bugs on a boat cruise in Sydney.

Managing bed bugs.

Early efforts to control bedbugs included using plants, insect extracts, fungi, and oils and herbs to deal with outbreaks, Certain types of ash,  dust, unique protective panels placed on beds and other commonly infested areas.

Widespread efforts were made to eradicate bedbugs in the early- to mid- 20th-century using pesticides such as DDT, which was the pesticide of choice during the 1940s. These approaches helped reduce bed bug numbers, after DDT use discontinued, due to health concerns, bed bug numbers rose once more.

bed bugs ddt

Bed bugs today.

In recent years, bed bugs have experienced a renaissance, and there have being increased concerns about the prevalence of infestations around the world.

They are often an issue in high-density transient populated areas such as Bondi or Sydney C.B.D because of increased domestic and global travel has helped encourage infestations.

One example is the prevalence of bed bugs during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games: during this time some outbreaks were reported by visitors and locals alike. I had been in the pest control industry for over twenty-nine years and was lucky to come across bed bugs once a year back in the ninety's, but after the Olympic games they steadily increased to plague proportions.

bed bugs sydney

With bedbugs still an issue around the world today, there has been increased demand for specialists. Micropest licensed experts use a variety of condoned approaches to help eradicate them from homes and commercial buildings.

We provide advice on how to reduce the likelihood of re-infestation. If you're struggling to manage bedbugs, consider employing the services of a Micropest bed bug pest control specialist.

"Call us today and we will assess your situation and give you a free quote. You shouldn’t have to worry about pesky bed bugs bugs, that’s our job!



Bed Bug pest control Sydney
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